Published on 19/02/2012

ICP Results (download PDF)

VCE Results (download PDF)

Our Students’ Achievement

Many students who had been trained from us received excellent results in the past. VCE students received very high ENTER scores, even above 99.00, some of them also achieved excellent results in UMAT and gained places at prestigious course such as Medicine and Dentistry at well-known universities every year. Apart from our VCE training program, many Year 8 students who had been trained from our ICP gained places at Melbourne High and Mac Robertson Girls High school with a successful and consistent rate of 65% to 75% from years to years. Others gained full scholarships at pretigious independent schools in Australia.

Vừa qua Trung tâm Dạy kèm Vinh-Sơn Liêm phối hợp với Trung tâm Giáo dục Thành Công đã giúp nhiều học sinh tốt nghiệp VCE và thi UMAT được điểm cao, trong đó có nhiều em đậu ENTER trên 90. Ðặc biệt năm 2008 vừa qua có 3 học sinh đậu trên 99, trong đó có 1 học sinh đậu vào Y khoa.

Our TOP VCE Performers in 2008


Student names
1 Jenny PHONG Maidstone 99.70
2 Peter YOUNG Roxburg Park 99.65
3 Roger HO Footscray 99.35


Our VCE Legends

2001: Jenny Huynh (ENTER 99.90) offered to Medicine
2002: An Pham (Dux of Loreto Mandeville – ENTER 99.70) offered to Medicine
2003: Son Vo (ENTER 99.80) offered to Medicine, Jane Huynh (ENTER 99.00) offered to Dentistry
2004: Hong Nguyen (ENTER 99.40) offered to Medicine, Phuc Le (ENTER 99.70) offered to Dentistry
2005: Hiep Pham (ENTER 99.80) offered to Medicine, Liem Dang (ENTER 99.60) offered to Dentistry
2006: Dan Tran (ENTER 99.80) offered to Medicine, Lara Dao (ENTER 99.60) offered to Dentistry
2007: Alan Pham (ENTER 99.70) offered to Medicine, Joseph Vo (ENTER 99.80) offered to Dentistry
2008: Jenny Phong (ENTER 99.70) got Medicine, Peter Young (ENTER 99.65), Roger Ho (ENTER 99.35)

Full (100%) scholarship winners: Jenny Huynh (Penleigh & Essendon Grammar), Catlin Nguyen Ngo (Wesbourne Grammar), Linh Pham (Wesbourne Grammar), Alice Nguyen (Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar), Linh Duong (Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar), Amy Luu (Essendon & Penleigh Grammar), Anh Vu (Ryton Grammar), Mary Nguyen (Loreto Mandeville Grammar) etc.

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